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Seawater flake ice machine in Angola

Seawater flake ice machine in Angola

Guangzhou Koller Refrigeration Equipment is China leading Seawater flake ice machine manufacturers & exporter. Angola buyer chose Koller Refrigeration seawater flake ice machine for developing theirs ice making business.

What is seawater flake ice machine ?

Seawater ice machines can tolerate shake and wobble of the vessel and is specifically designed to withstand the marine environment which causes corrosion. Producing ice with water from the sea and with condensers that are cooled with sea water are produced. Ice production capacity range is 5ton and 20ton of ice per day range. Machine running stably with less faults, long lifetime.

  • Category :Seawater flake ice machine
  • Client :Angola
  • Date :2018
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Feature of Koller Series of seawater flake ice machine

● Using seawater to make flake ice.
● Using special design of the compressor.
● Using specialized piping materials to avoid the corrosion.
● High-efficient heat transfer and low power consumption.
● Use PLC control system, with kinds of fault protection.

Seawater Flake Ice Machine

What type of seawater flake ice machines did the client in Angola buy?

● Seawater Flake Ice Machine KPS200 (20ton/Day Capacity)


What type of Ice Machines have been bought by an Angela client?

Seawater flake ice machine in Angola
Seawater flake ice machine in Angola
Seawater flake ice machine in Angola
Seawater flake ice machine in Angola
Seawater flake ice machine in Angola
Seawater flake ice machine in Angola

How is the economy of Angola?

Angola is a country located in southern Africa with a USD 114.5 billion GDP, a 29.1 million population and a per capita income of USD 3,924 according to IMF 2018 estimates. It ranks as the third largest economy in sub-Saharan Africa and is the United States’ third largest export market in that region.
For 2019, the economy is forecasted to grow by 1.2 percent with an inflation rate of 15.4 percent.

Angola depends largely on the off-shore petroleum industry for 37 percent of its GDP, 75 percent of government revenues and 90 percent of exports. Major international oil production companies active in Angola include: Chevron, ExxonMobil, BP, and Total.

Given the country’s stated focus on diversifying its economy and building domestic production capacity, medium-term potential for other companies exists in agriculture, industry, and key infrastructure such as energy, water and transportation.

Aircraft and parts, chemical products, energy generation equipment, machinery, meat, and oil and gas equipment were the main categories of U.S. exports to Angola in 2018. Leading countries supplying Angola’s imports in 2018 were China (17 percent), Portugal (13 percent), Belgium (5 percent), United States (4 percent), and South Africa (3.6 percent).

Angola exported USD 46.4 billion to world markets in 2018; an increase in value of 19 percent over 2017.
Leading reasons to consider the Angolan market for U.S. export expansion include:

• Large market size, with a population of 29.1 million and an economy of USD 114.5 billion. Angola is the third largest economy in sub-Saharan Africa, so it is a logical next market for business companies active in other countries in the region.

• Angola imports most products due to its very low capacity to produce locally. While an effort is underway to build domestic production capacities, it will require many years and depend on international suppliers of key inputs for infrastructure, manufacturing and agricultural development, thus driving demand for imports.


Seawater flake ice machine is widely used mainly used on the fishing vessels or harbors to keep the fish fresh.

Learn more to choose what your machine to be used for:

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● Ice machine for supermarket cooling

● Ice machine for vegetables cooling and reservation

● Ice machine for transportation cooling

● Ice machine for fishing

● Ice machine for Seafood

Why chose Koller ice machine?

Guangzhou Koller Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd offers quality ice block making machines with its customers in mind. We design and manufacture durable, easy-to-maintain and efficient Ice Making Machine of various production capacities, with low power consumption, producing optimal sized industrial Ice making machine and commercial ice making machine at various production rates.

About Guangzhou Koller Refrigeration

As China leading ice maker manufacturer, Guangzhou Koller Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd is an integrated manufacturer, specialized in the research, design, manufacture and sale of refrigeration equipment and ice making machines.

You can find our products to learn more throughout our Koller Youtube Channel.

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