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Automatic Ice Block Machine and Ice Crusher Machine for vegetable transportation in Yunnan

Automatic Ice Block Machine and Ice Crusher Machine for vegetable transportation in Yunnan

Ice block Machine, ice crusher machine manufacturers & exporter - China buyer chose automatic ice block machine and ice crusher machine for theirs ice making business at vegetable transportation.

What is ice block machine?

Most commonly, restaurants and homes make use of ice cubes rather than block ice. The small size is convenient for placing in glasses and pitchers for cooling down water and drinks. They can even be easily tossed in a blender for making a slushy or milkshake or placed in a cooler for keeping drinks cool. Block ice is exactly what it sounds like, a big block of ice, typically 25 pounds or more. This type of ice used to be quite common in homes and was used in the “icebox” which was the first, low-tech version of the refrigerator.

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  • Date :2018
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Here is a Yunnan customers who bought Koller automatic ice block machine for vegetables and ice crusher machine for vegetable transportation . He use Koller crushed ice machine to crush ice block made by ice block machine for vegetable cooling.

About Yunnan, China

Yunnan is a province in Southwest China. The province spans approximately 394,000 square kilometres (152,000 sq mi) and has a population of 47.368 million (as of 2015). The capital of the province is Kunming, formerly also known as Yunnan. The province borders the Chinese provinces Guangxi, Guizhou, Sichuan, and the Tibet Autonomous Region, as well as the countries Vietnam, Laos, and Myanmar.

Spring-Like Climate

Owing to its 1,000-meter-altitude with abundant heat and light, the east of Yunnan (around Kunming) has a year-round spring-like climate. The average temperature annually is 17°C. The coldest month is January with average temperatures ranging from 8°C to 17°C. The hottest month is July with average temperatures ranging from 21°C to 27°C.

Distinct Dry and Rainy Seasons

Yunnan has distinct dry and rainy seasons. November to the following April is the dry season, when there is abundant sunshine and solar radiation is quite strong. The rainy season runs from May to October. Most of the rainfall is between June and August.

Large Day/Night Temperature Difference

East Yunnan has little temperature difference between seasons but a large temperature difference between daytime and nighttime, especially from November to the following February.

Ice blocks are ideal for:

● Cooling down when the air conditioner breaks; while you’re waiting for your AC repair man to fix your air conditioner, set up a fan to blow against some blocks of ice and it will help cool down a room.

● Preserving food and beverages when refrigeration space is limited or not available at all.

● Restaurants and bars when their freezers are broken or being cleaned.

● Outdoor events when it is very warm and ice cubes will melt way too fast.

● Keeping large bowls of punch ice cold when you don’t want small ice cubes to melt too quickly and water it down.

● Creating your own design from an ice block; ice sculptures are very popular and don’t necessarily need to be large; you can create small pieces of art out of traditional sized blocks of ice.

● Cooling down you pool; once temperatures reach the mid-to-upper 90’s in pool water gets a bit too warm, so throw in a few blocks of ice and you can bring the temperature of your pool back to a comfortable cooling level.

● Science projects and classroom experiments; block ice, as well as dry ice is popular for science classrooms of all kinds.

Why chose Koller automatic ice block machine?

Guangzhou Koller Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd offers quality ice block making machines with its customers in mind. We design and manufacture durable, easy-to-maintain and efficient Ice Making Machine of various production capacities, with low power consumption, producing optimal sized Ice Blocks at various production rates

Koller Automatic Ice Block Machine DK100

Koller 10 tons ice block machine can produce 10tons ice block in 24 hours. By adopting food grade quality Aluminum plate, the ice blocks produced by DK machine is very clean, edible and sanitary for human consumption, no harm on health.

Features of Koller 10 tons automatic ice block machine

● Short and fast ice freezing time.

● Sanitary, clean and edible ice.

● Auto water adding, auto ice making and ice harvesting.

● Evaporated directly without salt water.

● Take less space, convenient to transport, low cost.

● Stainless steel mainframe, anti-rust and anti-corrosive

Koller Ice Crusher Machine Feature

Matched With Ice Block Machine Perfectly:

Semi-automatic Ice Crusher is an exclusive equipment for MB Series ice block machine to crush the ice block. 

Sturdy & Durable:

The whole framework and ice rake are made of SUS304 stainless steel which is anti-rust and anti-corrosion. So its working life is beyond 10 years.   

Considerate Design :

It is equipped with special ice cramp and the plate which is used to prevent the crushed ice from rebounding.


Koller Automatic Ice Block Machine is widely used in hotels, restaurants, bars, banquet halls, fast food shops, chain stores, drink shops, and any other places where need cube ice to meet every customers’ needs.

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About Guangzhou Koller Refrigeration

As China leading ice maker manufacturer, Guangzhou Koller Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd is an integrated manufacturer, specialized in the research, design, manufacture and sale of refrigeration equipment and ice making machines.

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